Which Epoxy Flooring is Best for a Garage Floor?

Epoxy’s adhesive properties make it great for use as a floor coating for concrete surfaces. The attractive polar forces between the floor surface and the epoxy can form a bond that helps concrete surfaces resist damage from pedestrian foot traffic and equipment.

While epoxy is generally a good adhesive to use for garage floors, it’s often difficult to find the right epoxy product for your application.

Here are some of the common epoxy coating systems and how they work to help you determine which product is ideal for your garage floor.

Waterborne Epoxy Coating

Among the easiest to apply, waterborne epoxy coating is a water-based solution that is very similar to paint, which is why this type of epoxy coating is commonly advertised as paint. This easy application makes it appealing to DIY audiences who want to keep epoxy coating simple.


Kits containing water-based epoxy are often available in stores at relatively low prices, and are typically intended for single-use applications. Unfortunately, waterborne epoxy isn’t as high in quality as other types. There are many other options available for garages in need of better protection.

Commercial Grade Epoxy Coating

Commercial epoxy coating is among the best for garage floors that want sufficient resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and stains. 100% solids epoxy has the highest solids content, making it the best to use.

This type of floor coating can provide adequate floor coating for many types of garages that require protection from damage caused by both foot traffic and heavy machinery. The quality of the floor coating can give you a better value for your money.

Because it’s not particularly intended for DIY applications, you may benefit from professional installation with 100% solids epoxy coating.

Clear Epoxy and Polyurethane Top Coats

Even more heavy-duty than commercial grade high solids epoxy coating are clear epoxy and polyurethane topcoats, which complement 100% solids epoxy single coats. This provides additional thickness, stability, and shine. Paint chips are applicable to the base coat.

Through the use of polyurethane or clear epoxy, you can give your floor more texture for visual appeal, and paint chips can also offer added durability.

Consult Experts to Install Commercial Grade Flooring

You may want to save money through DIY, but professional installers and flooring experts are invaluable when installing commercial garage flooring systems.

Experts in the flooring industry can assist with product selection and help you with a complete garage flooring system that lasts for years. Commercial garage floors and larger spaces can cost less in regards to floor maintenance with a top-quality flooring system.

If you would rather complete a simpler DIY job with epoxy flooring, water-based epoxy paint kits are easy to use and take little time to apply to smaller spaces.

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