Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Commercial Lighting Retrofit

Commercial utility bills will reflect your spending habits on commercial lighting, which could be far worse than they would be with an efficient commercial lighting retrofit.

Lower Your Costs

The costs of maintaining a traditional commercial lighting system can be higher than they need to be, which makes energy-efficient retrofitting an easy way to make your business more profitable and cost-effective.

Here are several of the specific benefits you’ll find with commercial lighting retrofits, which are ideal for a wide range of commercial facilities, including retail outlets, warehouses, stadiums, canopies, and more.

canopy LED lighting

1. More Environmentally Friendly

In many cases, less is better, and that includes less environmentally hazardous waste that may seep into lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water.

LED lighting can avoid this problem by lasting longer than traditional bulbs that will more frequently be thrown out and replaced.

The Department of Energy has revealed that LED energy-efficient light bulbs last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs while using 25%-80% less energy, which means you can keep your business properly lit without leaving a greater footprint.

2. Lower Costs

You can easily recover the costs of upgrading your facility to energy-efficient retrofits within a couple of years. While it may cost a considerable amount for the initial installation, you’ll experience higher ROI, which you will see in the form of reduced energy bills over time.

3. Additional Safety

Apart from reducing energy expenses and cutting down on costs, another benefit that businesses are likely to see is increased safety.

Sufficient and comfortable lighting can make for a safer work environment, as employees can be more productive while working, and occupants in general may feel more at ease when entering or exiting the building.

4. Economic Benefits

There are plenty of economic benefits you’re likely to experience is a combination of tax incentives, federal tax deductions, and utility rebates, as these are often available to businesses that upgrade to sustainable lighting, regardless of age.

Rebates are also given for installing energy-efficient lighting in facilities, making it an excellent idea to upgrade your lighting as soon as possible.

5. Higher Asset Value

Energy Star recently found that for every dollar that a company invests in energy efficiency, asset value could increase by $3 or more.

That is an enormous amount of potential savings that you can benefit from if you switch to energy-efficient lighting.

These are simply some of the many benefits that come with commercial lighting retrofits.

lights on canopies

Your Business Will Be More Eco-friendly

If you want your business to be more eco-friendly and efficient, while also potentially increasing the productivity of employees and further making your business more profitable, commercial lighting retrofits can prove to be an invaluable asset for your facility.

Combine this with other sustainable upgrades such as solar panels and other developments to further increase your facility’s energy efficiency and save more money in the long run.

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