How Do I Clean and Maintain Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coating is known for its tough resistance to damage on concrete floors, but like any other type of floor coating there are certain preventative maintenance measures that need to be taken in order to avoid wear and generally unclean floors.

Epoxy is fairly easy to maintain regardless of the location, and here are some basic tips to help you make sure your flooring is in good condition.


Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. You can easily wipe up any minor spills with cloths or paper towels, including oil and other automotive fluids.
  1. Simply use a commercial dust mop or broom to clear the floor of any debris.
  1. If a floor is particularly dirty, you can sweep any dust or debris away before thoroughly cleaning it with ammonia, water and a commercial mop. Not much ammonia is required for cleaning.
  1. After cleaning, certain pre-treatment compounds can leave a foggy look on epoxy coating, but you can easily remove this film using deck brushes and warm water. You may want to keep rinsing the area to keep chemicals from drying.
  1. Never use an abrasive chemical on epoxy flooring if rust or other hard-to-remove stains are present. Instead, use something easier on epoxy coatings such as Soft Scrub to clean it.
  1. Never use acidic cleaners on epoxy flooring. Soap-based cleaners are also a problem, as they leave a residue that makes the floor less appealing and prone to slipping when wet.
  1. Place welcome mats at entrances to effectively remove most snow and water from shoes and boots before they make contact with the flooring. You should consider using longer mats during the winter months.
  1. Use some kind of padding beneath motorcycle or bike kickstands to avoid scratching the epoxy coating.
  1. When using rolling jacks to lift heavy equipment or other items, make sure that the floor is clean before doing so, and use plywood to support jack stands.
  2. When welding, always make sure there is a welding mat covering the floor to prevent damage to the epoxy coating.

Many customers who use epoxy floor coating complain about dulled coatings, but the reality is that rather than worn epoxy coating, the dulled appearance is caused by improper cleaning. If your flooring is damaged in any way, contact the installation company for assistance with maintenance.

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